RV Renovation: Design Update and How I Found the Right Professional to Help

I am deep in the Scamp design spiral right now. Cabinet choices, fixture choices, paint choices and countertop choices! I’m in the thick of it and all I keep thinking about is what photoshoot concept Ashlee and I will think up for this vintage cutie!



My DIY days of large projects are behind me. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Sunday project but if it takes me more than a few days to execute said DIY, I usually hire it out. While it would be really cool to say I renovated the Scamp with my own two hands that just isn’t practical for my life right now. So, I did the next best thing…hire an expert just like I do for any kitchen or bathroom renovation. Someone who has seen it all and knows what to expect. That is where my man Brian comes in!


It took months of searching for the right guy. I kept running into good old boys that kept telling me it wasn’t worth renovating and didn’t understand my designer vision. It wasn’t till my friend Traci got a great lead on a guy who might be right for the job. Turns out he couldn’t be more perfect for the task. So we towed her up to Williston Florida (she still has yet to be named). Brian totally understood my vision. He didn’t talk me out of the renovation and didn’t scoff at the idea of not bringing it back up to the manufacturers intended design.


Brian has been working on her for the last 2 months and I couldn’t be happier! He emails me progress shots frequently as we discuss the details of the design over email.


So far, we have decided on white washed birch cabinets, black hardware and fixtures, and butcher block countertops. I don’t want to reveal too much but one of the products going in are the Park Studio Hardware collaboration with one of my all-time favorite designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. I’ll be using a combination of the Mackinaw, Ottawa and possibly the Half Moon all in black!!!!


We are still working on the cabinet layout so I am not sure what sizes I will be getting just yet. We have a couple of other little surprises in store for her that you will just have to wait and see!