Nursery Design: Where the Wild Things Are

Nurseries are probably some of the hardest design projects I have ever done. I know what you are thinking… How could this be harder than a renovation, new build or even designing multiple rooms in a home.? One word “new mother”. There is so much emotion that goes into every single detail in a nursery. Making sure the space is comfortable, safe, functional and calming for mom and baby. It is so important that I am aware and in tune to my client’s feelings during this very special time.

I am lucky enough to have gotten a chance to be part of a few of these moments but one of my favorites is this “Where the Wild Things Are” inspired nursery. This project was extra special for me because this client was naming their baby Carson, the same name as my brother! I was on a mission to do justice to the name by making sure this baby had a creative space to grow, imagine and feel completely at home.

 “Where the Wild Things Are” is such an amazing book with beautiful illustrations so I knew this nursery was going to be a fun one. The space was completely white when I first got my hands on it. I wanted to warm the space up by adding depth and texture just like the images in the story. We decided to add an accent wall of reclaimed wood to bring that depth to the space. It is important when planning an accent wall that it is the focal point of the room so naturally the crib was going to sit on this wall.


The room wasn’t terribly large so we decided the rest of the furniture would be white with the exception of the rocking chair. Keeping the larger pieces neutral help make the space seem larger than it is. The rocker was one of my favorite pieces in the space. We custom upholstered it in a two-tone fabric. This is no typical baby rocker. Since this was a piece my clients splurged on, we wanted it to last so we made sure the design was timeless for any age boy. I can see him sitting in this playing video games in the future.


 Lastly we added custom bedding and décor with imagery of little arrows, teepee, crowns and animals to give homage to Maurice Sendak’s classic book.


More photos on this Where the Wild Things Are nursery design can be found here