RV Renovation: Introducing the Scamp!

So, I did it! I bought a Scamp trailer!

My little Marshmallow, Shrimp Scampi, Lady and the Scamp (still haven’t settled on a name yet) was born in 1983 at 16’ long. She is in bad shape right now but will be beautiful very soon! I’ve been having dreams of renovating a small camper, and somehow this one fell into my life.


I have a million ideas for the way I want her to look. I’m still in the beginning design stage but my general idea is vintage Florida. I want to stay neutral with pops of color for the interior, and the exterior needs a new paint job. I’m still toying with keeping it original on the outside, but playing with color is just too fun, so I’m on the fence. I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from the Modern Caravan blog. I really love how there is still a sense of the original design, even though they are completely new inside.


Some fun challenges about this design are keeping material weight low and designing around a curved body. One of the reasons I decided she was the right camper for me is that she is entirely made of fiberglass and can be towed easily. I’m very excited to take you through the process of designing my first camper! It isn’t going to be fast, but I’m thrilled I finally get to check off one of my dream design projects.

Stay tuned!