Flatlay Inspiration: Yanuary Navaro

Flatlays are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. I love to test out different colors and patterns together to find the right combination of interests. I know I achieved the perfect combination when I can’t stop staring at it and I want the colors everywhere!

I start with a color or object that I love, and let the design grow from there! This flatlay is inspired by a beautiful piece of art that I bought at an art show last year. The artist, Yanuary Navaro, is one of my favorite artists. I currently own 2 original pieces, but have plans to keep building up my collection. She creates whimsical, colorful art that provokes thought and tells a story.


The art itself has so much life to it, that it only made sense to add lots of pops of color and texture to the flatlay design. These layers help create balance. Since the frame is earthy and natural, a jute rug sample is perfect for the background. I personally love high contrast, so I added rich jewel tones like fuchsia and eggplant, which created a pleasing connection with the art piece itself. Then I added beads, tassels and geodes to add shape and dimension.


How does this translate to a room you may ask…The beads, tassels and geodes turn into the shapes, scale and texture of furniture and the color is the palette for the room!


Let me know in the comments below, what art has inspired you lately? Have you designed your entire space around your favorite piece of art?

Art: Yanuary Navaro

Photography: Ashlee Hamon Photography

Design elements from: Cement Tile Shop, Surya, and Lazar